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Benefits of Modular Houses

  1. Thirty years of experience in modular home construction
    • In plant home builder personel with an average of 20 years of experience with Marcoux Homes
    • Recognized by building code enforcement officers as New England's premier modular home builder
  2. Customized manufacturer
    • Meets the needs of builders' style conscious customers as well as New England's style and trend demand
    • Wide variety of options available
  3. 23,000 square feet of production facility
    • Homes produced in a climate controlled facility
    • Top quality building materials protected from the element
  4. Superior construction specifications
    • Exceed all building code requirements in all states
  5. Using quality insulation methods and materials
    • Environmentally friendly "Ecologo"
    • Higher R-value than traditional insulation
    • Completly fills cavities & irregular surfaces thus helping to reduce air leakage
    • Ability to transport moisture to a surface where it will evaporate
    • Long term protection againts wood decay, fungal growth, insects, mice and other vermins
    • Higher fire resistance than traditional insulation
  6. Exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements
    • 30% more energy efficient in heating, cooling and water heating than a comparable home built under the Model Energy Code.
  7. Kaizen (total quality control method)
    • Efficient planning resulting in no cost overruns
    • Each step of construction closely supervised and inspected to maintain Marcoux's high quality performances
  8. Marcoux Homes' own transportation
    • Transportation crew averaging 15 years with Marcoux
    • Greater control over costs and scheduling
    • Greater care than subcontractors
  9. Marcoux Homes' own specialized assembly crew and exterior finish crew
    • Work guaranteed to be performed to the high standard of Marcoux Homes
    • Assures continuous quality throughout the process
  10. Pricing
    • No cost overrun clause during construction of your home
  11. Financial advantage
    • Home constructed, delivered and set on your foundation with only one deposit
    • Eliminating costly construction loans interest payments
  12. Marcoux Homes' own 10 year structural warranty
    • Confidence in our product
    • No third party warranty company involved if service is required
  13. Final on site inspection with builder/customer prior to departure of specialized crew members
    • Assures that the work to be performed is revised on site with the home owner before the departure of the specialized crew members and the exterior finish crew.