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Green Homes — Energy Efficiency

A warmer, quieter, healthier, more cost efficient, environmentally sound home.

Here's why:
Energy Efficiency is no longer optional. It has become a necessity as heating and cooling costs quickly escalate to rival mortgages. Homes built by Old Harbor Homes LLC are generally 25% more energy efficient than a standard R-13 2" by 4" home. Standard on Old Harbor Homes are R-29 2" by 6" construction which also includes the following:

  • Exterior walls are Vi inch plywood, which provides a better seal and does not warp or cup. Many builders use OSB Oriented Strand Board which is essentially chipped wood and glue which warps and cups as it ages or gets wet.
  • Interior and exterior vapor barriers prevent air leaks, the major source of heat loss.
  • Densely packed cellulose insulation. Cellulose insulation is a wood product which seals air gaps better, provides sound isolation and has the lowest impact on the environment of any major insulation product,
  • Exterior walls have 1" by 3" interior strapping. The interior strapping creates an air barrier between the cellulose or Icynene insulation which increases the insulation value of the home and reduces sound transfer. Sound is a wave which will not transfer from a solid like a wall through an air space, therefore creating a warmer, quieter home.
  • Styrofoam insulation blocks placed around the perimeter box, help to retain heat in the cellar.
  • If the home is constructed by Epoch Homes the insulation used is Icynene which is a spray foam. It creates an efficient, draft-free, noise-free, and pollution-free environment. Like cellulose, it provides a healthier, quieter, more energy efficient home.
  • Energy efficient JELD-WEN, Pella, or Anderson, Low-e windows are standard. Low-e windows cost a little more, but save money every day. Low-e coatings are microscopically thin layers of metallic oxide that is bonded to the surface of the window's glass. A window with low-e glass does a better job keeping heat in during the winter and out during the summer.
  • Venmar heat exchangers. An air exchanger removes your home's stale indoor air and replaces it with an equal amount of fresh outdoor air. Plus, it recovers heat and moisture from the exchanged air in the winter, and pre-cools and dehumidifies incoming air in the summer. The result: a more comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient home for you and your family.