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Five Questions You Should Ask Before You Build.

  1. Is the company selling the home a turnkey builder?
    Make sure you purchase from a builder who will be responsible for all elements of the project, so the lines of responsibility are clear. Your residence is your primary asset. Make sure one person tied to the contract is overseeing the project, not an outside contractor.
  2. What type of windows are in your home?
    Construction details are hard to understand but windows are not. Windows are usually the most expensive element in a home and the easiest way to cut costs. If you never heard of the windows, you probably don't want the house.
  3. Are the button-up crew employees of the Modular Factory
    Organization or employees of the builder? The button up is the assembly of the house and it needs to be done correctly. Make sure the button up is the responsibility of the builder or factory and not a third party.
  4. Does the house contain an air exchanger or heat recovery system?
    Homes are getting tighter and there is a need for the controlled circulation of fresh air to maintain a healthy indoor living environment. The initial cost is small and the long term benefits are significant. Once you have a home with an air exchanger you will understand.Eventually air exchangers will become standard in all new homes.
  5. Do you have a detailed contract or just an estimate?
    Old Harbor Homes will take the time with you to go over details, such as, trim, tile, paint, decks, steps, and landscaping budgets. The contract will list everything in precise detail. This policy of full disclosure is to your benefit as we stand by our contract and you won't be surprised later by hidden costs.